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The Highlands Project consisted of a two storey extension built in detailed facing bricks, lintels and header courses to match the existing. The first floor extension was constructed above the existing kitchen to add a new master bedroom and en-suite bathroom. The renovation of the existing conservatory was carried out to provide a new warm roof during the winter months and an insulated roof for the summer months to prevent the conservatory getting too hot to use during extreme sunny days.

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We CANNOT thank you ALL enough for the fabulous job you've made of tearing down & re-building, to a fabulous condition, our kitchen, new bedroom, sunroom & bathrooms on the Highlands. We thought long & hard for months about building above our lovely kitchen (which was immaculate & fairly newly fitted along with the CREAM!! Karndean flooring). In 8 weeks your team transformed our home, first removing the whole kitchen & boiler to store in the garage. The roof & several courses of brickwork were stripped off including the gable end quoins. In all honesty, I enjoyed every minute of the time spent with you & your fabulous team of polite, well-mannered, respectful, & incredibly tidy workmen. The kitchen was re-fitted better than its original state. What a fabulous job - & no snagging list for us to deal with as EVERYTHING was done right-first time. ALL of you are an absolute credit to the Building trade without exception, every one of your team & your sub-contractors who worked so hard on our home has done an exceptional job. As I said to you on the final day, I've learnt a lot, laughed a lot, sang a lot, & cried (just a little bit when your lovely team left!!). Sincerely, I've missed you all since you left our home on the Highlands. We wish you all the very best for the future of Gill Bros & the wonderful team of sub-contractors that are associated with your great company. One word sums you ALL up - FABULOUS.