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This sixty year old detached/ split level bungalow has been renovated and sympathetically updated. We have maintained some original features whilst capitalising on the views from its coastal location. The original driveway had a restricted width entrance consisting of 45 degree splayed facing brick walls. We have transformed the entrance by a remodelled gently curving drive making it much wider than before. New boundary walls built in natural sandstone now run seamlessly into the original sandstone boundary walls. We removed the whole of the existing roof timbers and tiles to enable us to insulate to comply with current regulations followed by the installation of impressive German Nelskamp F12U clay black tiles. At the rear of the property, we have constructed a superb two story extension to incorporate a new kitchen, entrance, sunroom, master bedroom and en-suite. The existing exterior wall coverings were removed and we applied the new K Rend polar white with pewter grey plinths and installed new UPVC windows, doors, screens etc. Internally, we carried out a full renovation insulating all external walls, new oak floors, doors, architraves and much more. Finally, we remodelled the rear garden to incorporate a substantial curved retaining walled patio and glazed deck area, all resulting in a major transformation of the old sixty's style bungalow.

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