Hillcrest before 2



On this Project we carefully stripped the old garage roof being mindful of the living room space below. We carefully placed new floor joists between the existing ceiling space forming the new floor. We built above the structure below to form two new bedrooms and a lovely shower room. At the top of the existing landing, we stitch drilled our way through the old gable end to form the new opening into the extension. The exterior was finished off with golden spardash, careful consideration was given to match the existing dash as far as possible to the structure below. Last but not least, all new paths around the property were formed. As always, causing as little disruption as possible to our Clients family life as they continued to live inside the property throughout the duration of this Project.
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Absolutely brilliant team of lads, from start to finish of my house extension they have worked so hard and been so considerate to the fact we were living in the building site. I was worried at the thought of such big building work going on in my home but these guys handle everything, there was literally nothing for us to do. They are very professional, efficient and tidy and most of all lovely, friendly people who are really helpful. Thankyou Dom and your team for all your hard work. I would recommend you guys to anyone.

Meadowfield Gosforth


Sea Mill Lane