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This Project is an early 1900's cottage which needed significant changes and improvements to be enjoyed as a retirement home. Construction of a new extension which included a new kitchen, utility room, bathrooms and bedrooms. Installation of a splayed UPVC picture window in the Living Room providing expansive views to the picturesque village of Gosforth. Furthermore, the addition of new oak floors and a log burner gave a real cosy, homely feel. All the external defective wall coverings were removed then we applied wet dash render and formed detailed window surrounds and heads which were all painted black, The old roof was covered with Buttermere slates which we took great care in getting a perfect match, sourcing the slates locally, re-holing, redressing to size and carefully laying to match the existing. Finally we built an impressive solid oak entrance porch and slate roof to add further character to this beautifully restored property.

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To our delight we were introduced to Ashley and Neville. As we were not living permanently in the area much of the discussion , negotiation and decision making was conducted remotely with regular site meetings when we visited. The whole process was absolutely fantastic. Alterations included a substantial extension and major restorative work to the existing house. Ashley was in constant contact with us , informing and advising on the best way forward. We learned to trust and value Ashley and his team who worked so hard and diligently in dreadful, wet ,wild Cumbrian conditions. Each time we visited the site it was quite overwhelming to see our lovely new home take shape. Local people were so interested and actually stopping us in the village and on the road to comment on how fantastic it looked. The standard of workmanship is exemplary and the finish inside and out, to the highest of standards. Ashley had very high expectations of everyone who worked with him and for him and our beautiful new home is testimony to that fact. ``It's all in the detail`` as Ashley would say. The whole team were always pleasant ,courteous and helpful but Ashley was a ``star``. We are so proud of our new home and have spent happy hours showing people around. This is all thanks to Ashley who saw our vision and made it happen. Thank you Ashley and your fantastic team. We recommend you unreservedly.

Kier Hardie


Highlands Garden Renovation