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Kitchen and Bathroom extension with external and internal improvements

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We were absolutely delighted to have chosen Gill Brothers to carry out our building extension. From the time we first spoke to Neville about what was required, until the completion of the work, it was a pleasure to see the team work under the guidance and leadership of Ashley. The work was completed without a day missed ( none of this ``we will come back in two or three days time``) and the employees were as tidy, pleasant and courteous as any that we have ever come across. Nothing was ever too much trouble and some of the ideas that developed after the initial discussions were to our benefit. I think that the best testimony to this building firm in terms of tidiness, is that our neighbours were expecting to see our cul-de-sac left a builders site for the duration of the work, but outside our bungalow was left clean and tidy at the end of each days work. They also remarked how hard the team worked and this was unusual today. The standard of workmanship is exemplary and we didn't have a snag list at the end of the work. We also asked them to carry out extensive additional work to the interior and exterior of the building and this was completed completely to our satisfaction and without any hastle. The whole of the planned work was completed within 8 weeks and we are delighted with the finished result. We would have no hesitation in recommending Gill Brothers to any one requiring building work to be carried out. They are honest, skill-full, knowledgeable, realistic and above all, deliver what they quote to deliver. During the internal work, we were away on holiday and had no hesitation in giving a house key to Ashley Gill so that the work could be completed ( which it was ) when we returned.

The Moors


Central Road