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This is our latest home adaptation for a disabled person transforming the home into a wheelchair friendly environment for our customer Kathleen. The improvements included the construction of a wet room, widening of the ground floor door openings, wheelchair accessible entrance into the building, new patio area to the rear and new concrete ramps and handrails to the new extension/existing house providing Kathleen with the freedom to access all areas. Furthermore, to enhance the visual appearance of the property, we re-rendered externally and built new boundary walls.

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I cannot recommend this crew of first class builders highly enough. Dominic, Davy, Ju, Paul, Mark, Jimmy, John and Ellis worked on my house, inside and outside for over three months. I watched them work everyday hand in glove with each other like a well oiled machine working with total professionalism and commitment to the work in hand under the guidance and supervision of Dominic. The camaraderie and respect for each other was very plain to see. I had to live in situ which couldn't have been easy for the guys, but they showed great empathy to my situation and nothing was too much bother for these guys. The site was left clean and tidy at the end of every day. Their work ethics are second to none. We had some great laughs and it was a real pleasure to have them working in my home. I just wish to say you guys have now changed my life and I am eternally grateful. Don't forget to pop by anytime. THANKYOU

Bridge End


Kier Hardie